About The Down To Earth Project & Jamie Quince-Starkey (Founder)

About The Down To Earth Project

I began DTE as a very open idea, fed up with what I was seeing and feeling towards our food, planet and personal connection with nature. I currently work full-time and not so long ago became a father.

It’s hard to implement changes in our day to day lives for the better of our planet, I know how hard it can be to feel like you’re doing something positive, I also understand how sometimes it’s just easier to carry on as we already are when we are so busy and preoccupied with ‘life’. Battling with these feelings and desperately trying to find a way to make a change, I realised something in my back garden – if we want to change the world for the better, we need to start at the beginning and reconnect with nature on every level.

The Down to Earth Project is an idea born out of conflict; the conflict of living life in the modern-day and the realisation of the negative impact we have on this planet.

The challenge is making a difference whilst also being realistic and having an understanding of how life is for the average person; I know we can’t just jump ship and move to an off-grid community (imagine if the problem was that simple)! The issues we face are a symptom of a much bigger problem; that problem being our (humans) disconnection with nature.

What the project does

The Down to Earth Project (DTE) is all about making connecting with nature, easy, accessible and enjoyable for all. We want to show that growing your own food is simple, it’s something we can ALL do with the right tools and a little bit of time. We want to make embracing nature something that becomes the norm, something that comes to us naturally.

To begin with, DTE was a one-man mission but it has blossomed into a real-life community; we have a core group of members, who after feeling the benefits of getting involved at our allotment and/or by joining us on a ramble, have become part of the DTE family.

Every member is truly appreciated and all involved have a role to play in the DTE community, just like us as individuals on our planet. if you’d like to get involved, please don’t be a stranger, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

Becoming a member would grant me the ability to really fulfil the potential of DTE.

  • I’d be able to secure some amazing guest speakers for DTE talks which would be fully documented and shared with Patreon members.
  • Guests could range from a professor in biodiversity to an urban market gardener or someone who is making positive waves in a community aspect. Member support helps with creating high-quality content to share and spread the DTE message.

Benefits of becoming a Patreon

Of course, becoming a Patreon member comes with its perks! Subscribing for a small monthly fee will give you access to exclusive content, such as;

  • Video updates on how the community allotment is coming on.
  • Patreon exclusive monthly live Q&A’s with me.
  • Early access to YouTube
  • Extended cuts on interviews.
  • Regular blog posts on various topics.
  • Social media

Please note that this support is helping me (Jamie) as an individual directly, as I document The Down to Earth Project. It supports me in creating all of the content listed above to the best of my ability and allows me to spread the DTE message and be an inspirational role model. Thank you!

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